Biological Influences On Personality : Temperament, Personality, And Life Span Development

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Literature Review The topic of research was Biological Influences on Personality: Temperament. Personality is not just something we learn, there are also biological influences that help shape a person’s personality. Our book refers to temperament as biologically based emotional and behavioral tendencies that are evident in early childhood (Cervone D., & Pervin, 2015 p.488). Each article provided an insight on how biology plays an important role in our personality/temperament. In the article Nature over nurture: Temperament, personality, and life span development the author argues that personality traits, like temperament, are endogenous dispositions that follow intrinsic paths and are and do not rely on environmental influences. The author states that once the information is understood it will give a new perspective on personality and its development. This article helps readers garner new perspectives on personality and how it is developed while explaining how empirical and conceptual links form a child’s temperament and adult personality traits. While similar research has been done none are an exact duplication of the research, but authors did use similar research methods such as the use of NEO-PI-R scales and multinational studies. The article Behavioral Inhibition: Linking biology and behavior within a developmental framework provides the reader with a broad overview of the work that has been done in the area of behavioral inhibitions. The use of behavioral description
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