Black Males Receive Unfair Treatment: “Discrimination in the School System”

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Although hatred, racism, and discrimination date as far as slavery one might say that it still suppresses African American Men until this day. Many forms of oppression still exist in this newly-made century. It has gotten so bad that the same oppression that has torn society has made its way into the school system. Could this be the major problem in the school system? “ That was said aloud by, Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of education, The new guidance package is replete with data, highlighting, for example, that while African American students make up only 15% of public school systems, they represent 35% of students suspended once, 44% of students suspended twice, and 36% of students expelled”, as reported by Sarah Belton, Cartwright-Baron Attorney. It is rather disturbing if you ask me due to the fact that young black males may never get the education they need. What really seems to be the problem with the African American Men’s advance in the school system?
The fact that teachers actually admit that they treat African American students differently is out of “stereotypical-reasoning”, meaning that if the student’s behavior is not of “good standard” then he would be kicked out. In most cases a black male could act out once and be disposed of as quick as a Caucasian male of the same behavior. Recent studies have proven that black male students were being discriminated against just because the teacher mistakes the student’s action or behavior for badness. It is completely

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