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Today I’ll be talking about the play “Blackrock” that I’ve been studying in class this term, the purpose of this speech is to make us think how Australian drama challenges us to think about Australian culture and identity, and the impacts it can have on us as person and as a community.

“Guys stick up for their mates no matter what”

“Blackrock” is a play written by Nick Enright that provides insight into Australian culture. Through the violent rape of a teenage girl, the audience is challenged to consider the values and attitudes still prevalent in Australia today. Enright uses authentic and raw Australian characters to reveal inherent patriarchal attitudes towards women and the problems with a society that promotes sexual double
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The boy’s in “Blackrock” often partake in risk taking behaviour in order to gain respect within their group and this can lead to a detrimental gang mentality. In the third scene Jared reveals to his friend Rachel why he is so loyal to his good friend Ricko. “He’s been my mate since forever...” he says, with the use of emotive dialogue and colloquial language. The authenticity conveyed through the emotive and colloquial language shows the seemingly positive impact that Ricko has had on Jared. After his Dad “split” he didn’t have a male role model and was what he called a “total fuck-up” or someone to guide him in the hyper-masculine world. He found security in Ricko and in return Jared defends Ricko at all costs, this shows the encouraging aspects of mateship, where boys can find sense of belonging in their friendships. However, Jared’s idealisation of Ricko blinds him to the realities of his aggressive personality.

The impact of mateship and how easy it is for somebody to be pressured into doing something just to ‘fit in’ is highlighted in scene six. Ricko forces a boy named Toby who has only recently been fixated into the group into performing the ‘ring of fire’ as the other Blackrock boys cheer him on. “You’re the barbeque, mate.” It is shown as a type of initiation for the Blackrock boys; Toby

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