Blackrock Analysis

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Blackrock, directed by Todd MacDonald and created by La Boite and QUT creative industries was a riveting performance presented in the style of modern realism. It had a very strong dramatic meaning portraying how easily parties can get out of hand and quickly escalate to leave long lasting scars on the surrounding society. This was highly effective in creating awareness in a younger audience as it showed the possible consequences that their actions could bring. This was successfully achieved through the use of several different techniques such as tension of relationship, stagecraft and multi-dimensional characters.
Tension of relationship was repeatedly featured throughout the performance and was evident between the majority of the characters. It helped represent the dramatic meaning that sometimes outside forces can overrule relationships causing them to deteriorate. This was especially prominent in the scene where Rachel went over to Jared’s house to give him his Christmas present. Ryan Hodson who played Jared immediately illustrates the tension between the two characters by making his body stiff as soon as Rachel enters the room. Rachel portrayed by Jessica Potts responded to this with wariness shown through her quiet, questioning tone with a low pitch and the use of small, slow steps when approaching Jared treating him as if he might break if pushed too hard. Potts also included the use of collapsing moments in her shoulders and bowed head showing her

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