Blake Memorial Hospital Essay

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Blake Memorial Hospital is located in the poorest east area of Marksville (Rakish, Longest, & Darr, 2010, p. 135). Blake Memorial Hospital is a non-profit organization, and its primary focus is to provide quality care to the poorest people of Marksville. Blake Memorial Hospital operates six off-site clinics and four in-house clinics, among them is the Lorris housing project clinic. Blake Memorial Hospital offers many services, one of which is the clinic program that is being considered for elimination. Blake Memorial Hospital received most of their funds through the collaboration with the city council of Marksville. However, over the years Blake Memorial Hospital’s economic position has gotten worse. Blake Memorial Hospital’s previous …show more content…

Blake Memorial Hospital’s internal weaknesses include: poor quality of care, increasing operating debt and costs, poor location, a high percentage of Medicaid low-scale reimbursement, forceful physician demands, and potential physician defection. For example, most payments for the in-house services at Blake Memorial Hospital were not successfully collected. In addition, the income has remained fixed while the hospital expenses continued to increase. Moreover, the six off-site clinics are in bad condition and need to be rectified (Rakish et al., p. 136). External Environment When it comes to Blake Memorial Hospital they are having issues that need to be resolved so that they will be able to keep their doors open for the public. Blake Memorial is having financial issues due to the poor neighborhood that they are surrounded by and the lack of funds. Also, they are in competition with a local acute care hospital named St. Barmabas (Rakish et al., 2010). Even though they have tried to see the possibility of starting a joint venture, but St. Barnabas wanted no part in it. With the local government not wanting to help fix the problem with lack of funding and the low income neighborhood what is Blake Memorial to do? When the CEO looked at the financial statement for the previous year he found that they had a loss of $256,000 (Rakish et

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