The Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital Essay

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The Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital was founded in 1910 by Annie Taylor Dee and her eight children as a tribute to their husband and father. The hospital was ready for occupancy on December 29, 1910. Unfortunately, by 1914 the Dee family could no longer provide the funding needed to operate the hospital. Financial appeals to keep the hospital open were made to the Weber County Commissioners and medical staff but to no avail to save the institution. The hospital was scheduled to close its doors on November 15, 1914.
In an effort to save the hospital, Annie Taylor decided to write a letter to Elder David O. McKay, a member of the quorum of twelve apostles of the LDS Church, to petition for his help. Elder McKay held a meeting with members of the first presidency and presiding bishopric where they decided it would be a “calamity” for the hospital to close and were able to establish a plan to save the institution by bringing the hospital into the LDS Church Hospital System ( Hospital growth and accomplishments followed in the next thirty years. As time passed, the growth of the hospital required a new facility be constructed. It was suggested that the new hospital be called McKay-Dee Hospital to honor David O. McKay. It became an institution of healing on July 12, 1969. On November 10, 1971 The Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital or “The Dee” opened a new facility adjacent to the McKay. These structures served the community until the current McKay-Dee

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