Blue Dress By Walter Mosby

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Devil in A Blue Dress was originally a novel written by Walter Mosby in 1990 and then made into a film in 1995. To begin this reflection I will start with my summary of the movie, and then comment on the actors and how they compared to the books characters, then discuss how the movie compared to the book, and lastly discuss how the movie fits into the noir/neo-noir film category. The film’s opening credits feature a catchy jazz song and artwork from the era that helps set the setup the movie as to when and where it is taking place
It then begins with a view of “easy” Rawlings sitting in his friend Joppy’s bar. Easy is reading a paper in hopes of finding a job, after he was unjustly fired from his job. An elegant dressed white man named Dewitt Albright then enters the bar and has a conversation with Joppy, who then calls Easy over to the pair. Mr. Albright is looking for someone to help him locate a missing woman named Daphne Monet. Easy is not really an investigator but is desperate for many to pay his mortgage so he accepts the offer. Easy learns that Daphne is said to be hiding out somewhere in the black community and frequents a juke joint. Easy heads to this place she frequents and finds his friend Odell and a former co-worker Dupree and his girlfriend Coretta. After a long night of drinking Easy helps take Dupree home with Coretta. After putting Dupree to bed, Easy and Coretta have some relations with each other and have a talk about Daphne and this is when Easy learns

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