Bmw : A Car Manufacturer

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1.0 Introduction We all know that when someone pronounce the word “BMW”, people tend to think of one thing, a “branded” car manufacturer. It is indeed, one of the top-selling luxury automakers in the world today but what does the word “BMW” actually stands for ? It’s known as Bayerische Motoren Werk, or also known as Bavarian Motor Works. BMW is founded on 1916, in Munich which is the capital of Bavaria, Germany. BMW is not only just a German automobile company, but they also manufacture motorcycles under BMW Motorrad, which already established since 1923. Not only that, BMW has a sub-brand called BMW i founded in 2011 producing plug-in electric car such as the BMW i8. This sub brand’s mission is to produce a lighter,…show more content…
Diagram 1 : BMW Dixi After some time, BMW again producing aircraft engines throughout the World War 2. On 1958, financial crisis occurred in the automotive division of BMW. Shareholders meeting was held and they decided to carry on and fortunately the company able to get back on its feet after it has the right to manufacture Iso Isetta, an Italian vehicle that is powered by BMW’s very own motorcycle engine. In 1966, Hans Glass acquired by BMW to access Glass’s patent, the very first invented the timing belt with an overhead camshaft(OHC) technology in an automotive application which commonly used by most car manufacturers worldwide today. Diagram 2 : OHC In 1994, BMW bought over The Rover Group and sell it off after sometime due to certain confliction but MINI remains and develop by BMW until today. BMW known as reputable company in the world from Forbes in the year 2012 and sustained its reputation until today. 1.2 Mission and Vision Mission - “The BMW Group is the world 's leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.” Vision – “Uniqueness through diversity, leadership and taking risk, courteous.” From BMW’s mission and vision statements, we clearly understand that they’ve two main targets to achieve in
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