Swot Analysis Of BMW

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1.0 Introduction

The automobile industry is a complex industry that have high competition I the market. These industry companies have to set their strategies based on their objectives and the competitive advantages in the market. In BMW, they have used innovation technologies in their new cars production, they try to reach customers' needs and satisfactions by implementing different strategies and applying different models. This paper is analyzing various strategies of BMW, focusing on their SOWT analysis in order to evaluate their performance in the global market. It recognized the world over its reputation for the quality provided and its brand name which include three main brands: BMW, Rolls-Royce, and MINI.

1.1 About BMW – Background
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"WORLD MOTOR VEHICLE PRODUCTION - OICA correspondents survey" (PDF). Retrieved 19 September 2017.
2.0 OT Analysis
2.1 Environment Analysis
2.1.1 PESTL Analysis
Political: The political factors are those who affect the business to give you opportunities or threats. The legal regulations and security measures formulated by the governments to control the automobile industry performances.
• The UAE has become one of the most important models of political stability when there are some nations in the region are suffering from unrest even when there is a presence of a large foreign community in the country. This political stability helped the BMW company to grow with minimal political tension and not having that much of risks in the market. (Opportunities)
• The support of government to the ecofriendly products helped BMW to improve its products in order to exceed the environmental expectations. (Opportunities)

Economical: This factor is related to the economic structure and policies, rate of exchange, and the globally economic growth.
• In 2012, BMW open its largest ever showroom in Abu Dhabi, where there was the highest volume selling market, with a 23% growth and 4,436 cars sold, while Dubai also had an increase of 23% with 4,395 cars sold.
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