Bob Hopkins Vs. White Lumber Company

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Bob Hopkins currently works for White Lumber Company (WLC), he was previously employed at a commercial bank. He wanted to move on from the banking industry and make use of his college degree and experience in another industry. Hopkins decided to take a job offer from a customer at the bank when he learns the trader position is incentive based and involves buying and selling. Before this incident, Bob Hopkins is unaware of any poor dealings occurring in the company. Hopkins faces a dilemma at his company when his associates want him to make a risky and unethical decision. Hopkins is left with two options: removing himself from the White Lumber Company to avoid possible legal situations or keeping his position and fulfilling the order of construction…show more content…
From Stan’s perspective, he is focused on securing financial stability for his self and his company. He believes everyone is completely protected in this situation and does not see anything wrong with selling the wood as construction lumber. During the conversation, Stan mentioned the foreman on the job site has expectations of cutting cost and wants to avoid paying for scaffold plank as well. Upon concluding their conversation, Bob was not sold on the idea of being part of the possible injury of innocent people. Bob’s investigation into the Quality Lumber sale eventually got back to his boss, John White. John White is a known community leader and holds the position as the director of White Lumber Company (WLC). John decided to offer Hopkins a job as a trader after getting acquainted with Bob while a customer at the commercial bank Bob worked to after graduating college. John sees the talent Hopkins possess and knew he would contribute to the company’s…show more content…
Bob is aware of the consequences the company will face if someone dies or become injured due to the lumber wood being used for scaffold plank. After learning the company has history in being unethical and Stan admitting to the future use of the wood, he is already in jeopardy of being involved in the unlawful sale. Before speaking with his boss, he knew the lives of innocent people are far more important than the company breaking even. If Bob does not go through with order, I recommend he start looking for another job immediately. Not going along with his boss’ decision could result in Bob being treated unfairly by him and other workers or his boss may decide to fire him before he gets the chance to
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