Body Reset Diet : The Nutrition And Dietary World By Storm

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Body Reset Diet The body reset diet is one of the latest and greatest diet trends taking the nutrition and dietary world by storm. The aim of the diet is to jump-start the body’s metabolism, thus allowing the individual to sustain long-term weight loss. It sounds like a dream come true for many people longing for an easier dietary routine. Relying on smoothing for sustenance, the body reset diet claims the human body will get enough nutrients to eventually incorporate solid food back into the diet after a fifteen day period, after which, the body will have been ‘reset’ and the metabolism will be primed to hell the individual will lose weight. Many remain skeptical as to if the diet really works or is able to provide a balanced diet, most importantly during the fifteen days when one’s only source of nourishment is a smoothie. The theory suggests the results are sustainable and the diet works. Many new diets boast the ability to help an individual lose weight quickly and efficiently, with the added benefit of keeping the weight off. This is all with little effort, and typically at high expense of the individual. In actuality, these diets are normally quick fixes that deprive the body of carbs, or force the body to drop water weight (Hanson 24). Essentially, these diets help you lose weight while you are on the diet, but they are not sustainable once you go back to old eating habits. Unless you are willing to make a lifestyle change, one must hope the body reset diet…
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