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Abstract This paper will discuss the management planning of Boeing. Boeing, being a leading distributors of aircrafts, satellites and missiles, I will evaluate and analyze the impact of legal issues, ethics and social responsibility in which they carry. I will show how these factors may influence their strategic, tactical and contingency planning. . Boeing Management Planning Boeing is one of the major aerospace and defense contractors in the United States. Boeing was founded by William E. Boeing over 90 years ago and has dominated the industry of aerospace for many years. As the largest export in the United States, Boeing is a listed component of Dow Jones Industrial Average. With a history extending over a very long time,…show more content…
Boeing was already behind production when the strike begun and this only places them further behind the curve. Boeings strike not only effects commercial aircraft, but military as well because they supply military aircraft. Boeing also has a partnership with NASA on special project. In 2000, Boeing was sued involving gender pay differential (Business Week, 2004). Boeing settled this case out of court and saved the company’s reputation. Boeing has a staffed legal team overseeing affairs such as this, saves them humiliation and money. Boeing has also been the subject of issues such as bribery of government officials, and theft of proprietary documents for another company. In all these potential legal woes, Boeing’s CEO has expressed concerns and recognizes they can’t account for everyone action, but they can strive to maintain a reputation high above the ethical standards of other large corporations. Ethics Integrity is the key for success of an empire such as Boeing. Boeing has to ensure all their practices and produces are held to a very high ethical standard. Boeing has an ethics policy in place to protect management and their employee. Through an experience dated back to 2003, where Boeing made headlines for high profiles ethical lapse (Brandes, 2007), CEO, Jim McNerney implemented a management platform promoting more open communication with employees and management and strict disciplinary action for

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