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STUDENT IDENTIFICATION NO MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY SECOND TRIMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION, 2009/2010 SESSION BOM 2O64 – QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (All Sections / Groups) DECEMBER 2009 a.m. – a.m. (2 Hours) INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENT 1. This Question paper consists of 9 pages with TWO SECTIONS. 2. Attempt ALL questions in Section A and B. The marks for each question are given. 3. Answer Section A in the OMR Form provided, and answer Section B in the Answer Booklet provided. BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 SECTION A Answer ALL questions in this section. (40 Marks) 1. Manufacturing work sent to other countries is called: __________________. A) downsized B) outsourced C) internationalization…show more content…
A) design by imitation B) product analysis C) reverse engineering D) benchmarking E) disassembly 14. Which of the following is an issue that designers must take into account in product and service design? A) legal, environmental, and ethical issues B) reliability C) standardization D) range of operating conditions E) all of the above 15. A formal way to document customer requirements is: __________________. A) consumer surveys B) quality function deployment (QFD) C) focus groups D) Delphi technique E) sales/marketing matrix 16. Which of the following is not a goal of supply chain management? A) fewer suppliers and long-term relationship B) small lot sizes C) on time deliveries D) lowest possible transportation costs E) delivery often to the place of use 17. Vendor analysis has the greatest potential for savings for items which have: ____________________. A) low cost per unit B) low annual cost-volume C) high cost per unit D) high annual usage E) high annual cost-volume Continued… TPK page 3 of 9 BOM 2064 QUALITY AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DECEMBER 2009 18. Which of the following is not true of vendor analysis? A) It involves an examination of the function of purchased parts or raw materials. B) Its purpose is to reduce costs and/or improve performance of purchased goods or services. C) It is usually performed only periodically. D) Representatives from design and operations may work with purchasing. E) If improvements are identified, purchasing
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