Bonner case

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Question 1:Was the approach that Bonnier used to establish a centralized R&D Department and to change its innovation approach a sound business decision? Why or why not? What made this decision risky? It was a good decision. In a new digital world, Bonnier needed to introduce a new culture of innovation and the centralized R&D team was a perfect driver for that. Moreover, the new R&D team report directly to Jonas Bonnier (CEO). This last point was a risk because that disrupts Bonnier decentralized organization tradition. Question 2: What specific approaches did Bonnier and Ohrvall use to overcome related challenges? Due to Ohrwall installation in San Francisco (in the heart of the digital revolution), Bonnier perceived earlier the…show more content…
subscription, Advertising, software cost, etc.). Question 6:How should Mag + be positioned visa vi other products and services? Firstly, Mag+ was not only a digital platform who translates an existing magazine into a digital one as other competitors; it gave a new customer experience and value proposition on both sides: content (“open digital platform” for publishers) & experience (via iPad for readers). Secondly, Mag+ gave the possibility for publishers to handle their own hosting. Thirdly, Mag+ revenue model was based not only on a basic package but provided also additional services (technical/creative consulting, training, etc.) on a “Mag+ care” bundle. Question 7:Should some content from Mag + be free, and if so, how can that be addressed in the service design? As, the backbone of the service design process is to understand the behavior of the customers, their needs and motivations, you need to record their behaviors with or without any revenue streams.A free offer doesn’t mean without any interactions with your consumers. Question 8: What should Bonnier focus on in its NEXT innovation project and why? The next focus is to find totally new types of digital business that create more revenue streams in order to compensate for the declining sales in traditional printed media. That’s mean not only digitalize existing products (digitizing the “cow paths”), but moreover to explore new species of products and services
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