Brain Linked Prosthetics

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An interesting and potentially revolutionary part of prosthetics are the kinds that are brain linked. Brain-linked prosthetics are controlled by different types of electrodes and computers depending on the place where they are needed. Although this new technology is still in its development stage, it has already overcome several steps to becoming available to the public.
Recently, “scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena implanted a person’s brain with electrode arrays that read neural activity to control a robotic arm and stimulate the brain to deliver a sensation of what the arm touched.” 1 There has also been research into brain linked devices which work without an implant and rather sit outside on the …show more content…

Brain linked prosthetics and their development will have great impacts on different parts of society. In a Neuron article they pointed out that “Performance at this time is most severely constrained by the ability of our chronic electrodes to record robust single units for long durations”3 which means that in order to have major impacts on society improvements to the technology need to be made. Progression in this field could be crucial to the United States innovative economy which is currently struggling to stay ahead of other major tech countries. This technology could impact the economy so much because of the potential applications it could offer other than just as a replacement limb, such as for military purposes. The innovation of this technology also has the potential to bring up social issues and controversy. Some people may have reservations about humans being so intertwined with technology because of the unknowns with things like technological malfunctions and this causes some to choose security over progression. Just as with any other technology the manufacturing of it will cause a lot of pollution. Not only will

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