Brand Audit of Coca Cola

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Brand Audit


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March 2011
I. Consumer focused sources of procedures to:
-Assess the health of the brand Coca cola has been top in the market for the last decade or even 2 decades. But can coca cola maintain their top level in the market?
One of the great marketing legend of coca cola is their bottle. That famous bottle was designed so that no matter how many pieces it might be smashed into, each piece would be recognizable as having once been part of a Coca-Cola bottle. What do I mean by that? Even if the logo was removed, or even not recognizable, still Coca cola will be
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Latin America and the Pacific region grew unit case volumes by 4% and 5%, and concentrate sales by 6% and 3%, respectively. Brazil's revenues grew by 12% and Colombia grew by 19%, however unseasonably cold weather in Mexico led to a 2% decrease in sales for the quarter. In the Pacific, both Korea and Indonesia grew more than 10%, unit case volumes in China increased 6% and Coca-Cola's presence in China is twice the size of its largest competitor (on an annual basis). Revenues from Japan decreased 3%, even with a 24% increase in Coke Zero sales, but the company remains significantly ahead of its competitors and its trademark brands have grown five times faster than its competitors trademark brands. In Europe, unit case volumes remained unchanged while concentrate sales decreased 2%. The company's European operations are currently being restructured in preparation for the pending merger with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE); in this quarter, the region's ten business units were streamlined into four units. North America was the only region with volume declines; unit case volumes decreased by 2% while concentrate sales were down 6%. The company is currently participating in a number of global campaigns as a

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