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Professor’s Name: Student’s Name: Course: Date of submission: Coca-Cola Commercials in the 1990s and 2014 The Coca-Cola Company is the globes leading and largest beverage company, offering to its consumers with more than five hundred still and sparkling brands. The portfolio of the company features seventy billion dollars brands such as Fanta, Coca-cola Zero and Diet Coke. The societal views of the 1990s greatly differ with the contemporary views especially with regards to issues such as masculinity and feminism. Within the last decades, women have changed the previous anticipation of their roles and have much self-sovereignty when compared to the previous decades. As a result, the advertisers of various products have changed the way through which they sell their brands to these groups of individuals. The paper shall presents how the commercial advertisement for one of its products the Diet Coke have changed over years most specifically focusing on the commercial ad of the year 1990s and that of the year 2014. Sex in advertising became a more popular form of advertising during the 90s. Organizations realized the importance of using celebrities and sex to appeal to a majority of the people. Taking a look at the 1990s’ commercial ad Coca-cola opted to appeal largely to sexual lust to help promote and sell the brand. Diet Coke ad released in the 1990s shows how appeal to lust is used in the television commercial. The ad shows a group of five young good looking women who are

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