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Abstract This brand audit report is for Louis Vuitton. The purpose of doing this is to evaluate the brand equity of Louis Vuitton, both from the customers' and firm's perspective. As the brand equity is based on brand knowledge, (Keller, 2003) the brand audit is carried out through a survey designed to measure two components of brand knowledge; namely brand awareness and brand image. In conclusion, it was found that the consumer can recall Louis Vuitton and they do recognize the brand. They also see Louis Vuitton as a brand that represents quality, expensive and exclusive and is unique when compared to other brands such as Gucci. This result will hopefully be able to set the strategic direction for the Louis Vuitton brand. Introduction…show more content…
An aided recall question surrounding luxury leather bags was asked. An image of an LV bag was presented to test brand recognition. Under breadth, consumption and purchasing situations were also tested. Results from all these questions were then tallied. The series of questions surrounding brand image were broken up into three sections; strength, favourability and uniqueness of LV. The questions asked respondents to scale a list of attributes pertaining to the brand on a scale of one to five. One essentially meant that the attribute did not represent the brand at all in terms of strength, uniqueness and favourability while five meant that the attribute of the brand strongly represents the component of brand image it was selected for. The attributes chosen were expensiveness, quality, exclusiveness, fashionable, used by woman and symbolized by replicas. These were based on the findings of the initial qualitative studies. For comparison to its chief competitor, the same questions were also asked about Gucci. Average values were then calculated for strength, uniqueness and favourability in terms of the attributes listed. (A further question breakdown can be viewed in Appendix 2b.) Results Demographics: The survey taken reflects a majority of respondents between ages 18 - 24 years old, seconded by the 41 - 55 years old bracket. Also, the survey had a 6:4 ratio of female to male respondents, which were spread out quite evenly

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