Brave New World By Helmoltz Watson And John The Savage

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There are many characters who experience exile in the dystopian novel “Brave New World”. Living in exile means one is taken away or isolated from one’s native home or values. Helmoltz Watson and John the Savage are the main two protagonists who experience direct exile in the story. Bernard Marx is the character who stood out to me to clearly be in exile. For more than half of the story, he seems to be the main character and protagonist. As this changes towards the end and he starts to take actions that seem more characteristic of an antagonist, he still plays a vital role in the plot of the story. Not only does Bernard experience direct exile, but he also faces indirect exile socially more than any other character.
For roughly the first half of the book, we see an abundance of ways and reasons why Bernard is indirectly exiled by his peers. In this futuristic world, kids are mass produced to be as perfect as possible. Everyone is made the same, everyone is always healthy, and supposedly this means everyone should constantly be happy. Citizens of this world believe that because life is so easy and everyone is happy, they live in a utopian society. Bernard on the contrary, doesn't share the same traits as everyone else and this helps him to realize that he truly lives in a dystopia. Bernard supposedly had alcohol put into his blood surrogate as a baby, causing him to be shorter than everyone else and socially awkward. “...too little bone and brawn had isolated Bernard from

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