Breast Feeding Versus Bottle Feeding

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Breast Feeding Versus Bottle Feeding There are many different myths and opinions about breast-feeding and how it is beneficial for a child, some women and even men choose to view the breast as a sexual object, although in reality it is meant for the purpose of nourishing an infant. As for the other half of women around the world, many believe breast-feeding is the most natural way to feed a child as they receive the vitamins and minerals a youngster needs to grow up strong. Breast-Feeding and Bottle feeding both have their pros and cons just as in any situation, but which one has the greater advantage? When a child is born, the very first breathe of life can be infectious due to all of the diseases around us. For an infant, the immune system may be functioning, but is not as strong as the father’s or mothers. Human Milk is known as being species-specific, and is uniquely superior for the feeding of an infant. For the child’s health, breast milk does a lot more than just helping with basic nutrition. Breath milk is very high in fat and contains all the vitamins and nutrients a baby will need during the first 6 months of life, is it also packed with disease-fighting antibodies transported from the mother who will protect an infant from diseases and illnesses they are constantly exposed to during daily life. Certain diseases such as stomach versus, lower respiratory illnesses, ear infections and even meningitis occur less often to a breast fed baby then a formula fed baby.
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