Breastfeeding And Human Milk Has Many Health Benefits For Mother And Baby Essay

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Scientific studies have shown that Breastfeeding or human milk has Many health benefits for mother and baby that are both short and long term. Breast feeding has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, CDC, US Department of health and human services, office of surgeon general along with Many others. Nearly All of the agencies involving children provide some form of education on breastfeeding, for example when to breastfeed, how long to breastfeed, benefits of breastfeeding, supporting breastfeeding in service or flyer form as well as support groups/staff but none provide information on where a mother can breastfeed when in public. Even though all agencies have come together and agreed that this country has a problem in providing support to breastfeeding mothers. None have made initiatives to provide a place for a mother to nurse or express milk while in public. Requiring large chain stores like Walmart, target, Kroger and HEB post signs informing the public of a mothers the right to breastfeed and help mothers fight against discrimination by providing guidelines for business in order for them to provide a private area for breastfeeding mothers to feed their babies while in public. Designating a small private space out of the public eye, for a mother to feed her baby or express breast milk. In supporting a nursing mother, we can improve woman and children’s health, Boost the economy and improve the environment.
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