Breastfeeding : Facts And Opinions Regarding Postpartum Mothers

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Breastfeeding: Facts & Opinions Regarding Postpartum Mothers

Key Words: Breastfeeding, Social Opinion, Postpartum Depression (PPD), Body Mass Index (BMI)

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 81.9% of delivering mothers have documented successful breastfeeding habits at the time of hospital discharge (Healthy People 2020, 2013). The view of women breastfeeding has become a topic of interest for society as a whole. Some women feel comfortable breastfeeding whenever their child is hungry regardless of the location, but some people disagree with this action. This is because society views breasts as a sexual part of the body rather than a functioning asset to the mother and child. In accordance …show more content…

The child is not the only participant who benefits from breastfeeding. Women who have adequate knowledge and plans of breastfeeding, had less symptoms associated with postpartum depression (Borra, Iacavou, & Sevilla, 2015). The economic impact that breastfeeding has on a family with a newborn takes significant stress off of the parents that they would use for formula. The parents are able to use a natural and self regulated system to healthily feed their child for at least the first six months of the child 's life (Ma, Brewer-Asling, Magnus, 2013). In another study, it was observed that children who were breastfed for a shorter time, nonexclusively, and were introduced to solid foods at a younger age were more likely to have higher general and abdominal fat measures (Durmus et al. 2014). Meaning that, children who were not breastfed as long as others and started eating solid foods earlier than others lead more to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and obesity in adulthood. Breastfeeding used to be the only way women fed their children, but with developing technology, that has changed. Women and children both benefit from breastfeeding in many ways, but unfortunately some mothers are not able to breastfeed due to different circumstances. This paper will aim to answer and discuss the following questions:
RQ1 What is society’s view on breastfeeding?
RQ2 What are the effects of breastfeeding on the child?
RQ3 How do parents benefit from breastfeeding?

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