Bricklayer's Boy by: Alfred Lubrano

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Are parents supposed to be there for their kids? Are parents supposed to guide their own kids in the right path? Yes. Parents have many jobs to do in their lives, like taking care and supporting their children, working a lot in order to run a family, and most importantly to be role models to their children. Parents after learning a lot through their own childhoods should be aware, and well aware of what to do and what not do. In addition, parents make their own mistakes in life and once they know how to get around it, they teach their own children to prevent them. However, parents tend to disagree with their own children, about values or fundamental choices in life; hence, controversies start to occur between them. Controversies can then …show more content…

I feel that parents tend to be narrow-mined and never seem to realize that times have changed since their childhood. The reason is, that those parents or grandparents who came from other countries, or those who lived back in the early or mid 1900 's, all lived a different way than today. Our very own society, neighborhood, styles, and friends have changed. Therefore, what my parents usually tend to do is to compare themselves at being the same age as me, when they were younger; when

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