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Bridget Flynn, her article, “Do tattoos work against you?”, tattoos can work against job applications, on what is telling about tattoos are considered acceptable in some places, but others like to work in offices are very difficult to have a job in there. Sometimes people with tattoos can have a job like from offices or more important stuff, because they have a good study, and also experiences for work wherever they want to do. Others have really hard to find a job, but that’s why they just not have experiences, and they think is for them tattoos but isn’t. People can have a tattoo and they still have a great job.
Rachel Hennessey, her article, Tattoos: no longer a kiss of death in the workplace, tattoos have become accepted with employers, tattoos do not affect the performance or some very skilled employees. A lot of companies
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Discrimination from people have a tattoo are completed accepted and sometimes are not. Because of their what looks like or act, but anyways employers have options, on what they want to do for their care. That’s why some enthusiast for painting, their skin is bad for some employers to look of them with tattoos. For example, they have recognized that it’s no bad thing if their staff mirror the appearance of their customers.
My friend Stacy told me are sometimes complicated to find a good, because her tattoos cover up all her arms, and that’s a real problem for her to have them. The reason she doesn’t want more tattoos, for not to find a job she likes to do, she also tells me there have to think twice for getting a tattoo. My cousin Maria told me, she just has 2 tattoos in her body, and she is completed fine with them. When she going to work she never been discriminated because of her tattoo, she just concentrated of her work, and she is very happy to have
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