Brief Case Study: The Case Of Cheryl Leopold

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Cheryl Leopold is a 38 year old single mother of two girls Jasmine (13) and Kylie (11). In the past year, particularly in the past six months Cheryl described Jasmine’s behaviour as being “out of control” and “difficult”, and it was stated that Jasmine consumes alcohol, skips school, and is showing signs of depression. Cheryl works two part time jobs and is absent three nights a week when she is working night shifts, in which Jasmine sneaks out and ‘does all kinds of stupid stuff”, leaving her sister Kylie unattended. Due to recent events, the Department of Human Services were involved with the Leopold family due to Jasmine disclosing to the staff at her school that Cheryl “beat her” which Cheryl has admitted to and stated that she ‘hit her
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