Bright Innovations Has Its Top Management Team

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Basically, Bright Innovations has its top management team that is composed of students and the members of faculty of Business and Engineering in the Colorado State University College. This management team has come up with a unique product that is referred to as Starlight stove. This stove was developed in the bid to improve the overall quality of life of the less fortunate persons in the society that forms the target population of Bright Innovations. The management team also wishes to address the daily needs of the consumers in regarding to safe cooking and the need for electricity. The new product in the name of starlight stove requires much lesser biomass fuels and also has the ability to convert heat that is produced by the stove into electricity. This new capability gives the daily users of this product an opportunity to do their cooking safely at a price that they can all afford. The management team is aware of the fact that their technology is quite unique and great and therefore they only need to have an appropriate marketing plan in order for their product to be out there in the market.
SWOT Analysis
For a better understanding of the nature of the market that Bright Light Innovations is dealing with, it is important to carry out a SWOT analysis which will help the company understand what opportunities are available. The company draws a lot of strength in its unique innovation and technology which has been used anywhere else before. The company also

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