Britain's Conscientious Objectors in WWI Essay

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The first world war saw a lot of refusal towards the war effort by men which made the government afraid due to the futile and indiscriminate slaughter of the British army at the battle of the Somme in 1916 where General Haig's tactics failed to show success which resulted in Britain losing a vast majority of soldiers by 1916. Therefore the government feared that they might lose World War one as well because there a lot of casualties which needed to be replaced and many men were becoming antisocial and refused to join the war, these people were known as conscientious objector or short for C.Os. Some C.Os did not want to fight in the war but were keen to do there bit in the war, so they were willing to help out in weapon factories and go to …show more content…

Which unfortunately resulted in C.O getting sentenced or being send to prison where C.Os got harshly treated, because of theses punishments towards C.Os it procreate in 6,000 C.Os being send to prison , 39 got sentenced to death and 10 died due the brutal treatment displayed at the prisons. C.Os had many other objection thrown to them not just by the government but by the society as well, because due to embracing their beliefs C.Os gained a bad reputations all around and society and the government saw C.Os to be nothing but criminals, traitors and cowards and thus segregated C.Os from the rest of the public, also women's humiliated C.Os on the streets by pining a white feather on their coat which symbolized the idea of cowardice. I would be assessing the interpretations of my chosen sources and would be analysing the judgements peoples made towards C.Os in each source and I also would be classifying if the source is primary or secondary interpretation as primary in interpretation is written at the time of the event and a secondary interpretation has been researched and is written after the event has happened.

Even with to the lack of enthusiastic about joining the war effort the government still tried to enlist as many men possible to join the war, therefore enforced propaganda techniques to instigate men to join the military and adjust their moral beliefs to suit the needs of the war also satisfy government and

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