Bromopanol Vs Bromophenol

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- The optimized Rose bengal strip and Bromophenol red strip produced curves with better linearity and better curve fit (R) than previous optimized Bromophenol blue (BPB) indicator strip. R-squared values of these two standard curves were 0.847 and 0.870, respectively. Good linearity of the standard curve is important for providing accurate calculation of a given analyte. - The modified Rose bengal strips and Bromophenol red strips are inexpensive. Pure Bromophenol red is around $15 per gram and pure Rose bengal is around $5 per gram. Preparing these two types of strips, only around 0.2% dye is needed to dilute with 70% ethanol to prepare the solution. Rose bengal and Bromophenol red can be considered as substitutes for Bromophenol blue in
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