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BRU World Café

Note: All information in the case has been garnered from sources in the public domain. This case has been developed for purely academic purposes, and is not in any way the intended or actual plan of Bru World Café

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About the Category/ Brand and Market Trend  BRU is India’s largest coffee brand in terms of volume, with a portfolio of instant and roasted & ground (filter) coffee, Ice and Hot Cappuccino and out of home vending. BRU was the first coffee brand to go national with a variety of offerings suited for the varied and distinct taste palette of the Indian consumer. BRU Green Label Roast & Ground is the largest brand in the conventional coffee
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This theme lets us bring the coffee back to the café. It helps us to establish the coffee credentials and in future we can easily translate the out of

Comstrat 2011

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home experience in home. The consumer takeout after a visit to World Café: BRU knows coffee like no other

Identity for the Café

Target Audience Description Demographics:   SEC A/B1 18 years +

An audience on the move, who is looking for a unique experience while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee. And cafés also double up as their hangout joints or meeting places. Along with being an ardent coffee lover they are used to the good things in life, are welltraveled or well-read and exposed to the cultures and offerings of the world at large. Experience and Ambience BRU World Café is a traveler’s and coffee connoisseur’s haven. The coffee is served in many traditional styles evoking the palettes of coffee lovers. BRU scours the world to bring the finest coffees from a few prized plantations and stays true to their authenticity by brewing and serving them right. Additionally it provides a relaxed atmosphere with great coffee and vast menu offerings. On entering BRU World Café, you leave the hustle-bustle of the city behind. The interior is contemporary and bright, almost Mediterranean in its look and feel. The sounds are Comstrat 2011
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