Buhuitus Essay

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Furthermore, the Buhuitus from the Taino culture are essential to compare to other leaders because they have different but important responsibilities for the native peoples. For instance, they are bought for their people when patients feel ill. They are so committed to their positions as Buhuitus because they often keep a record of the food the patient eats and attempt to try them. This helps them speculate the cause of their illness. Putting themselves in the position of the patient not only helps them understand, but it shows their obligation as Buhuitus. However, there are limitations to this specific carrier. If a person dies in spite of all the trouble the Buhuitus go through then, the Buhuitus are forgiven however if it is the doctor’s…show more content…
In general, Montezuma and Atahualpa’s views and experiences were extremely different. Montezuma in captivity did not think like Atahualpa did and manage to save himself. Atahualpa was clever into thinking of his plan to pay the ransom to the Spanish. Though it did not go as planned, it still saved him from captivity temporarily. However, when Montezuma was captured he did not act and had to be forced to watch his men being burned. If he acted like Atahualpa did, he possibly could have been spared. Likewise, their attitudes in captivity also differ because, when they were, both captured they spent their time differently. Even though Diaz’s language and attitude to Montezuma’s capture suggest that he was comfortable and enjoyed his captivity, we can’t ignore the fact Montezuma was emotionally tortured into seeing his men die in front of his eyes. The treatment of Montezuma differs to Atahualpa’s because he had time to figure out his plan and he is allowed to talk to his men in order to get supplies to build the “house of jewels and gold.” The contrasts between these two texts are also apparent when we look at the role of the
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