Bullying And Its Effect On Children

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Bullying April 20th, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to their school in Littleton, CO. They preceded to kill 12 and injure 21 students and faculty before killing themselves. Columbine shooting is infamous as one of the worst school shootings in US history. These two boys were known as outcasts and were ridiculed regularly. It’s been said that they were out for revenge on the school for being mistreated (New York Daily). This extreme case is the cause of a broken psyche doe to repeated blows from peers. “Harassment and bullying have been linked to 75% of school-shooting incidents” (Statistics). Not every case will lead to a mass shooting, but is more plausible to lead to suicide. Teenagers are taking their own lives, because they …show more content…

32% of online teens say they have been targets of a range of annoying or potentially menacing online activities. 15% of teens say someone has forwarded or posted a private message they’ve written, 13% say someone has spread a rumor about them online, 13% say someone has sent them a threatening or aggressive message, and 6% say someone has posted embarrassing pictures of them online. 66% of teens who have witnessed online cruelty have also witnessed others joining; 21% say they have also joined in the harassment (Statistics).
Teens do not realize the harm they are causing for everyone involved. “1 in 7 Students in Grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying” (Statistics). Those who are bullied can develop depression and anxiety. These issues, without resolution, can progress into adulthood, or even lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. These teens will have a decrease in extracurricular activities, such as sports, and begin to have lower GPA’s (Stop Bullying). Those who bully can grow up abusing alcohol and other drugs. These teens have a higher dropout rate, and are more likely to fight and be a part of petty crimes such as vandalizing property. Bullies can have lasting effects that follow them into adulthood such as abusive relationship with wife, spouse, and kids (Stop Bullying). “56% of students have personally witnessed some type of bullying at school”

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