Bullying And Its Effects On Children

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No one wants to be bullied. No one deserves to be bullied. However, this is still happening every day everywhere, in society, in schools from elementary level to the University but most are in high school. One day your child suddenly insisted transfer without understanding why, they ask, the prevaricate, you know, maybe they have concealed their causes are victims of bullying problems.
Many parents so busy with work, relying too much on home care for the school and that 's where integrity education for their children should be neglected, at close to children. There are many, often only focus on learning capacity of children, whether they have earned a point each semester or not to forget asking whether they have ever been friends outcast or bullied ?. If you ask a high school students that "serious problems usually occur every day in the Middle School What is?" The answer will be "bullied, pressure from friends (peer pressure), pressure from teachers". For teens, "bullying" has a problem that most worried them.

One child Asia or Vietnam, to speak English fluently or not babble should not dare to meet or communicate, bring guilt disadvantage friends easy a target of bullying. They VN though born abroad often pressured "to do well" from the desire of parents and themselves, they increasingly focus on student learning to the elite, the less time communicating with friends you. Unwittingly they become a less social, and self-isolation, turn into points of the children targeted

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