Bullying Awareness

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Bullying Awareness Bullying has become a great concern to many people, and parents especially because of kids and teenagers who have emotionally and physically suffered from being bullied by their classmates. Students have been pushed, hit, and verbally bullied by others and adults don’t think this type of actions are so serious and prefer to ignore it. In the past years there has been cases of suicide and murder of students who have been bullied and it has caught many schools attention. Is not that bullying has become more common now a days. The difference is that the media is making this problem more public than it used to and it is making people more cautious about this problem. Now there are schools that want to take action into…show more content…
But was he really a victim of bullying, or a hate crime? But is not only society the one to blame, parents too. “I think it is the parents fault because they don’t stop it from happening” (Luevanos Lydia). Where is the respect for others that we grew up learning? While parents can't be responsible for their kids' actions if they aren't made aware of them, they are responsible for their kids' attitudes and morality. They have to let kids know at a very young age what is and is not acceptable, and they have to live by this and set an example. When a kid is born, they are not "programmed" to be bad, their attitude comes from somewhere. Personality is based on the way they were raised and sometimes when kids see other people acting in a rude manner, all they do is follow their steps, but that’s why their parents are there for them to teach them right. Their attitude can even come from something that they saw on television, which brings us back again to society and how it influences in this problem, but then again, parents are the ones to decide how to correct that if they really care about their kid’s well-being. It is not the school’s job to take care of them, to baby sit them or teach them the important values of life, respect, and manners towards others. That is their parent’s job.
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