Bullying Is A Serious And Persistent Concern Facing Modern Youth Essay

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As Jessica 's mom entered her room, there was a note lying on her bed which read "I will always remember and I will never forget... Monday: I experienced name calling for liking a boy, Tuesday: I received hurtful text messages from my "friends", Wednesday: My peers bashed me with rude comments while in the hallways, and today, when you find this letter, it will all come to an end and I will finally encounter freedom." In shock, Jessica 's mom ran into the bathroom and found her daughter lying on the floor with an empty pill bottle, a knife, and a slit wrist. This bullied, suicidal teenage girl quickly turned the tables on all of her tormentors from a simple, yet painful action characterized as bullying..... Bullying refers to any physical or emotional action that 's used to intentionally hurt or even terrorize a person. As stated by psychologist, Jodi Viljoen, and other individuals, "The recent surge of empirical studies has identified bullying as a serious and persistent concern facing modern youth" (Viljoen, O 'Neill, & Sidhu, 2005, pg. 521). Many people are the suspects and even the victims of bullying, in spite of the fact that it isn 't visible to individuals on the outside. There are three major forms of bullying: physical, relational (cyberbullying), and verbal. In today 's society, cyberbullying remains the most common type of bullying among teenage girls. Although some American parents may believe that the social pressures teenage girls face, such as

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