Bullying Is Good Or Bad?

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There is a quote from a Kelly Clarkson song that goes “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This quote can strongly imply in the case of bullying because being a bully makes a person stronger and who does not want to be a strong, bad ass person? Everyone should be able to bully and bully whomever they want. Bullying should be taking place in the classroom, online via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but why stop there? Bullying should be happening on the road, in the drive thru, at Starbucks, on the golf course, at the football stadiums, at the shopping mall, in the hospital elevator, and of course at the happiest place on Earth… that’s right Disneyland. Actually, when you think about it the ideas of bullying are suitable for teachers, parents, students, and the whole entire world. Bullying not only helps the bully and the victim, but it helps make the whole entire world go around and who wouldn’t want that to happen? The world would truly be a better place to live in if bullies ruled and in the end it’s a win win for everyone. So go ahead and start hash tagging winning for bullying on all your social media outlets (#winning #bullying) because it’s the latest cool hip trend. School administrators are well known for telling their students to say “No to bullying” but the question should be why they are not telling their students to say “Yes?” Every student would benefit in the case of bullying. Why should a student let someone bully them at school or online
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