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One of the fabulous things about living one of the world's most multicultural cities is that every day I have the opportunity to explore new and exciting experience, especially food. Egg tart I ate in Little Portugal last week made my day, Green Curry with Coconut rice I first met as working at a Thai restaurant here was out of this world. Poutine did not taste as good as it looked, but I really like another "made in Canada" Mocha Iced Capp of Tim Hortons. And I have just found my new love: Bún Chả Hà Nội (Hereafter in this blog referred to as “Bun Cha”).
Never having a Vietnamese cuisine, I entered into a restaurant with only vague expectations for Bun Cha that once received a lot of attention worldwide thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama, …show more content…

I was absolutely charmed from the moment I put the Bun Cha in my mouth because it reminded me of Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle) with Galbi (Korean BBQ pork), which was I often enjoyed eating when I was in Korea. It was pretty cool that I encountered a food that tasted similar to one of my favourite Korean foods from different country.
Upon returning home, I googled if there are another places where I can enjoy Bun Cha. Although there are many Vietnamese restaurants here; however, I have been finding it difficult to have it here in Toronto unfortunately. The ingredients you need are quite simple, and the way you cook does not seem so hard, yet I still do not know why. After looking it up on the internet, in fact, Bun Cha is not available in other part of Vietnam, either; it is a special dish only you can enjoy in the Northern area of the country.
It was just so good that I will definitely visit again soon. One time, and I have already became instantly addicted and even more I would like to go to where Bun Cha began. It would be amazing to have a beloved dish prepared in its place of origin.
There are still lots of things I know nothing about, which makes me simultaneously both sad and excited to taste many kinds of dishes all over the

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