Burger King Marketing Analysis

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Dan Madden Engl 202d Company Profile 9/16/14 In 1954 David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased a fledgling burger shop that could not seem to make a name for itself, called Insta-Burger King. Immediately the two new owners renamed the establishment Burger King. For the first few years Burger King struggled to compete with their competitors, namely McDonalds, but slowly started to gain more and more popularity. If a person were to fast forward to today, they would see that Burger King is not only competing in the fast food industry, but also on the New York Stock Exchange at approximately thirty one dollars a share. As a company that is constantly in McDonald’s shadow, it is extremely interesting to examine how a perpetual runner…show more content…
Burger King is trying to make talking about their products part of this new fast food activity that is being sold. Essentially, they not only want the customer to buy the product, but to then turn around and advertise it as well. They give several examples of pictures beneath this sentence where the food is organized in a clever way, i.e. looking like the Instagram app picture, and also people photographing their own food in an interesting place. Scrolling down they provide their customers with a store locator and very brief history which seem to establish both ethos and logos. As you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the customer is privy to many links where they can find out everything such as investor information, career opportunities at Burger King, and even nutritional information. This is where Burger King establishes the most ethos and logos, making all of this useful information readily available in one neat place. This is also where they finally stray from their primary audience of the youth, to the general population of people seeking out Burger King. All in all, Burger King manages to create an adequate amount of Ethos and Logos, but seems to use pathos in a more manipulative then useful way on their homepage. Since their homepage wanted the customers to talk about Burger King on social media, it seemed interesting to see what Burger King was putting on social media themselves. The most useful page to
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