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Organizational Structure Martha Miranda MGT/230 6/20/12 Kelley Parker Abstract The central thesis of this paper examines the organizational structures of McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s food restaurants. It will examine the comparison and contrast of the organizational structure of McDonalds with Burger King, and Wendy’s Corporations. What functions influence McDonalds, and explains how the organizational design helps determine the structure that best suits McDonalds needs, as a business. Organizational Structure Burgers are one of the most favored junk foods people like to eat from around the world. What a great idea to create a restaurant that gives the best tasting flavors, one of a kind style,…show more content…
Aside from their products and services, these corporations have “Giving back to the communities,” page. These companies give back to their communities by giving scholarships, promote adoption, and create foundations to those in need. For instance, The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Have-It-Your-Way Foundations, and Wendy’s wonderful kids- Dave Thomas Foundation of Adoption. All three of these companies are nationwide as well. McDonalds and Wendy’s dominate more than Burger King does, but all have restaurants worldwide. In contrast with McDonalds their success is from globalization. Since the early 1940’s McDonalds has been a burger business, and accomplished to be the first one’s to become global. McDonalds has invested into several community organizations that helped the business to earn trust from the communities and gave more of a positive outlook towards their restaurants. They support their own employees, their families, and other groups of society in every country where it has business. McDonalds has website links to promote healthy living for kids, teens, and Latin and African Americans. McDonalds Happy Meals, McDonalds for teens, Me Encanta, and 365Black. They have corporate governance, which shows in detail of their operational structure. There is a whole webpage that is dedicated to explain about what is their drive to stay successful, what the board of

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