Business Battles : A Domino Effect Essay

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ABSTRACT: Business battles has become commonplace in today’s world owing to the quest for power over a myriad of resources. Be it regional, national or global, political and economic feuds have become the status quo for businesses while transacting with others. This article exhibits a study based on the supply and demand of human resources (intellectual capital) in geographic and demographic aspects to gain economic strength. For example, immigration of people from one country to another can be the reason for scarcity of human resources in the home country and acquisition of talent in the host country. In today’s scenario, Britain’s exit from the EU has had several alarming consequences wherein the member countries are facing severe shortage of aid from UK and Britain losing much of its brain bank due to lack of funding from the EU Research Funding. Thus, a domino effect is created.
KEYWORDS: Talent war, brain drain, talent migration, domino effect, Brexit
Talent Economics uses the relevance of economics in managing the supply and demand of talent which gives the business leaders an opportunity to step back and understand the ebb and flow of global talent, before transforming this new understanding into a winning strategy. An organization can come up with a new product but have it easily copied. If it lowers its prices, competitors will follow suit. When it selects a profitable market, competitors respond in similar interests, careful enough

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