Business Communication

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Overview Business communication (or simply "communications", in a business context) encompasses such topics as marketing, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, community engagement, reputation management, interpersonal communication, employee engagement, and event management. It is closely related to the fields of professional communication and technical communication. According to Excellence in Business Communication Tenth edition by Thill/Bovee Clear communication is critical to your career. In order to move up the executive ladder you most have excellent communication skills. Top corporate executives spend most of their time communicating. Effective…show more content…
Businesses and the population of today’s society use technology extensively. According to John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee, “To communicate effectively, learn to keep technology tools productively, guard against information overload and information addiction, use technological tools productively, and disengage from the computer frequently to communicate in person”. - Technology is only growing; and the more it advances, the more ways we can advance in business. And one way of doing this would be by Virtual Meetings. These meetings help to connect people around the country or even around the world. Also helps to reduce costs and resource usage. Video-Conferencing is a big way that people are communicating through businesses. Video-conferencing helps to let business participants see and hear each other, as well as being able to demonstrate or transmit products and information. Telepresence is another big way of communication within businesses. It helps by being able to connect and negotiate through virtual white-boards connected to others around the world. Another form of technology used is Online-Brainstorming. In which a company conducts “idea campaigns” to generate new ideas from people across the organization. These technologies are helping to conduct business meetings, in a more productive manner.[1] With all the new technology at our fingertip, provide us with Advantages of working in teams,
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