The Role of Enterprise Social Collaboration in Employee Engagement

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The Role of Enterprise Social Collaboration in Employee Engagement Most banks have employees separated by more than just multiple branch locations - different work experiences, expectations and generational differences create unique cultural issues and challenges in the workforce. Implemented and managed successfully Enterprise Social Collaboration (ESC) can enhance the “emotional connection” between employees, the organization and the customer. HR banking professionals can harness the power of ESC as a tool to address a multitude of internal and external institutional challenges including recruitment, on boarding, training, productivity, retention, marketing and customer service. Communication and Collaboration – High Touch Using High Tech Tools Irrespective of the size or configuration of an organization, effective internal and external collaboration is an essential business function. Gone are the days when financial institutions consisted of a single branch where coworkers and managers shared face-to-face contact on a daily basis and customers conducted their banking business in person. Meaningful connections between management, coworkers and customers are arguably the linchpin of every successful organization but face-to-face interactions have been replaced with increasingly remote interactions. Even coworkers sitting a few feet apart find themselves isolated from each other and the pulse of the organization as they are inundated with an endless barrage of email

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