Business Continuity Planning Is Now A Vital Part Of Corporate Security Planning

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Business Continuity Planning
1.0 Introduction
Successful firms are usually optimistic, somewhat averse to dwelling on the more unpleasant aspects of business. But the unexpected can happen to any organization, at any time. While organisations cannot control the unexpected, but they can control on how they respond. In the post 9/11 world, Business continuity planning is now a vital part of corporate security planning, as business must keep functioning in midst of any disruptive events, business continuity and disaster recovery can mean either life or death for a firm especially when their dependence on IT is significant. For an organization that uses IT extensively for its operations, not just recording of transactions, the non-availability …show more content…

Business continuity requires availability of computing, application services, physical network access and network services, as well as user/ client access to this infrastructure. Maintaining continuity operations and services, including systems such as Web servers, email, critical database and so forth, requires specific technology. This technology and infrastructure can include virtualization, clustering/failover/failback, server hardware, network and network services, remote datacentre facilities, replication services and redundant shared storage.
Depending upon the type of event, continuity of a given application is achieved by falling over its services and user/client access locally within the same datacentre or to a remote, physically disparate datacentre. With business continuity, the failover of a service is measured in seconds or less. Backup technologies, including those that rely on disk as a backup target, can’t provide this level of continuity of services. Backups, in order to be used a restoration process and are typically used for disaster recovery purposes.

3.0 Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery is an activity of recovering IT systems following of complete or partial loss of a site due to a natural disaster or security event. Depending on the extent of disaster, DR can be achieved by restoring systems at an alternative site or within the same site using alternative equipment. DR requires extensive manual methods to bring IT

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