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Written Assignment #1 Business Ethics: Written Assignment #1 1. What are the ethical issues? In this situation there are many ethical issues to consider. First of all the whole story is about Jane, the superior of Ralph who has a problem with alcoholism. The request from the detoxication center is the first ethical issue for Jane. If she urges Ralph to submit this blood test he would probably be known as an alcoholic and eventually saved in an industry wide database. Due to the fact that it looks like he could get a new job at a competitor, it wouldn’t be good to be known as an alcoholic, because of the fact that new employees with a preexisting condition such as alcoholism are not qualifiable for reimbursement for treatment of…show more content…
By giving this good report another ethical issue to think about is, that she would maybe weaken EASEL and hurt their sales. Economically thought this would be good for her own company, but definitely a morally issue. The next ethical issue appeals through the call of Chuck, the vice-president of sales for COBA on the one hand, and the uncle of Ralph on the other hand. The ethical issue to be considered in this case is the subliminal pressure, which is put onto Jane by Chuck, by affecting her. He says his nephew is a good salesman and shall not to be loosed. So Jane is kind of influenced by Chuck, who is exploiting his high position in the company. But she also did not tell him that Ralph had an alcohol problem again in the moment he said „It’s not like he is an alcoholic“, which indeed he is. The last issue is the recent incident driving while intoxicated. If she picks him up, he will not be charged definitely. But he may be charged if she doesn’t: So she is confronted with a decision she has to make. 2. Discuss option for Jane and Ralph Jane has the following options. Regarding the blood test, she has to do nothing, because it is voluntary and so she is not neglecting something she should have done. And Ralph doesn’t have to fear anything. Concerning Michelle, she has the option to report to her or not. If she reports, she could do it honest and fully or she could just report about his current quotas, which according to the recent quarterly
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