Business Negotiations

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BUSINESS NEGOTIATIONS 250-300-WORD LESSON SYNOPSIS As a preliminary procedural process, I conducted a thorough analysis of the respective interests and initial negotiating postures of all of the parties. Based on that analysis, I determined that the four other ports (besides Harborco) represented a potential block coalition that could profoundly influence the negotiations. Specifically, my chief concern was that the coalition of ports could undermine our strongest negotiating positions by exploiting direct negotiations with the other interested parties and then leveraging their consensus position against us. Naturally, this provided a crucial lesson in the value of pre-negotiation analysis. Anticipating this risk, we decided to form an "anticipatory" counter-coalition by approaching the Environmentalists, the Union, and the Governor first. By presenting each of those parties with concessions designed to appeal to their most important respective concerns, we hoped to resolve all potential obstacles to a consensus, at least in general principle. As we had anticipated, Harborco and the other four ports approached the negotiations as a collation of their own and attempted to derail the strength and momentum of our united coalition by diverting attention from compensation to the ports, their main point of contention, to other issues designed to fracture our coalition. We had anticipated precisely this strategy and we had negotiated mutually-agreeable resolutions to all of
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