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1. Executive summary This is a business proposal about our company. We have done the market research, so that we can show the true and fair information. Our company’s name is D-LIFE. The D-life, letter ‘D’ represents the meaning of DIY, dainty and diamond. It means that our products can help you DIY your life and make your life dainty and shining as if diamonds. Our company tends to sell some DIY-boxes, interesting and attractive DIY desks calendars and pasters for card cover. We regard the young university girls as our target customers. There are some shops in or near our university which sell notebooks, and card pasters. But we found that they are not very beautiful. So our products are more competitive. Our company has a clear…show more content…
Our principle is “small profit, large sale volume.”  Place We local our booth at a prosperous spot where has large visitors flow rate on campus. The riverside of Xiang Si River is a good choice. It is the only way which most students must be passed to go back to dormitory or go to library. We can also sell our products in dormitory. It will be convenient for the students of our own college to buy our products.  Promotion The customers can choose either discount or free gifts when their consumption up to 35 RMB. 5. Resources 5.1 Financial / Human / Operating Resources Available  Financial Resources We have savings and investments which we are able to start up the business, totaling RMB 400.  Human Resources The four group members: Ling Zhao, Rita He, Charlene Wu, and Jack Chen. We think we can run the business independently by ourselves.  Operating Resources The riverside of Xiang Si river is a prosperous spot. Most of outdoor activities on our campus usually hold at there. Our dormitory is a fixed point of sales. We have notebook computer to keep accounts. The university will provide the materials of a shed for our booth. 5.2 Financial / Human / Operating Resources Needed  Operating Resources It is possible that a number of smaller items will be needed, such as some color balloons and bright posters to decorate our booth. A table which is covered with an elegant lace cloth is a necessary equipment

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