United Airlines Pest Analysis

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Question 1:
A- Define Marketing environment?
Encompasses the marketing team within an organization and includes all of the outside factors of marketing the affect the team's ability to develop and maintain successful customer relationships with their targeted customer group.
The collection of non-marketing influences that have an impact on a marketing manager's success in forming and keeping favorable relationships with desirable customers. The overall market environment for a business is made up of the macro environment that consists of broader societal influences and the microenvironment which includes company related influences.

B-Explain how changes in the demographic, cultural, and economic environments affect united airlines decision. …show more content…

The end product is complex. For example, United Economy International provides services such as multi-course meals based upon consultation with celebrity chefs, brand name beverages, multi-lingual flight attendants, Mileage Plus¨ programmes and entertainment systems. The services offered by United Business International and United First International include built-in entertainment centres and a greater amount of private …show more content…

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. See also PEST analysis.

B- Talk about its components. (20Marks)
With the respect to the article above
1. Strong operational network (more than 5000 flights a day to 360 destinations across 6 continents).
2. Strategic Alliances (Founding member of Star Alliance).
3. Strong brand name and recognition
4. Relatively high employee productivity
5. Industry leading loyalty program
6. The company has over 85,000 employees world wide
7. Great customer experience with inflight entertainment and good branding through extensive advertising.
Weaknesses: 1. Weakening financial performance due to continuous losses
2. Heavy dependence on third-party service providers for customer service, maintenance, fueling operations, etc.
3. Direct involvement in 9/11 terrorist attacks was a sad incident
4. Strong Unions are a concern
Opportunities: 1. Growing US airline industry
2. US economy back on track for growth
3. Growing global tourism and travel industry
Threats: 1. Intense competition from low cost airlines offering discounted prices
2. Rising fuel prices is a challenge
3. Persisting risks of recession across the

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