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1. Introduction The objective of this Business Report is to analyse the present situation and Business strategy of the company Market Dojo based in frameworks studies of the industry Competition and Business Strategy as such as five forces and Dynamic Environment Strategy. Also to propose recommendations that can contribute for the organic growth of this company. 1.1. Market Dojo Company The company was founded in Bristol in 2010 by procurement and engineer professionals that decided to create an online service which could simplify and facilitate the buyer’s work in some responsibilities as such, as reverse auction, prospect suppliers, and proposal’s requests. The idea was innovative in United Kingdom as there was not another service…show more content…
The payment can be monthly, decreasingly the price as per the quantity of user or by events, what represents convenience and low cost. 1.2. Present Scenario The market for Procurement technologies, although there is a lot of tools and options available is still opened to be filled by new products that can suit better for the Procurement professionals. The specialist and Leaders in this area consider the available tools as same as services are incomplete and fragmented. There are software and online services to attend the necessity of Procurement, which is considered a strategic area in the company as support Finance, enabling reduction and cost control as well to increase profit. There is a lot of options of Procurement’ s tool available as software, for example SAP (with Ariba), IBM (Emptoris), Oracle and diverse more option. But in my opinion these big software players are not Market Dojo direct concurrent, perhaps indirect competitors. However, it is Important to highlight that what become the tools for Procurement more accessible is to be provided in SaaS technology as such, as e-Sourcing providers: Periscope, Tadograma, Promena, Sourceit as others. The great differential services that is claimed by Market Dojo as pioneer is to provide a platform for e-auction with SaaS

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