Business Views Culture Within The Organization

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The way any company or business views culture within their organization is important being that this is what helps people within an organizations work together and are able to interact with individuals on the outside. This ties together and helps the organization run smoothly and become successful which is why UMCU take this to heart and thrives on. There are seven main dimensions and characteristics that are the primary building blocks of all organizations beginning with innovation and risk taking, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, and stability. In each of the mentioned dimensions Kathie believes that UMCU excels and find that all of them are equally important in their organization and make sure to exceed in each of those areas which is why she rated them all a five.
Risk taking is something that is instilled into each employee from the start of their career working for UMCU. When people first start working for them they believe from day one that the new employee should shadow an employee who’s been there longer for them to understand how important this skill will be. They will learn different techniques on how to handle situations when they will have to go out the way to when dealing with a risky situations. After this training part where risk taking is learned they go back and forth between their permanent branches where they test out the skill and the branch they were trained at to learn more skills that
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