Caffeine Research Paper

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The effect of caffeine on blood pressure and heart rate
Armaan Nathani
Supervisor: Ms. Dominguez
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My research question is "What are the effect of caffeine on blood pressure and heart rate on adults in different times of the day, different aged people and gender?" This research question is significant and worthy of study because many of us take drinks filled with caffeine in them and would want to know what happens to our body when caffeine is ingested. I will measure the heart rate and blood pressure after drinking the beverage containing caffeine. The research question is significant to me personally because I drink a lot of Coca-Cola, tea and coffee and so I am worried about what caffeine does to my body. I will be measuring the heart rate and blood pressure before the ingestion of caffeine and 60 minutes after the ingestion of caffeine. I will do this so I can compare the ‘before and after' effect.
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Caffeine has many effects on the body and one of those effects is on the heart rate and blood pressure. When caffeine enters your blood, they instigate the nervous system. It stimulates receptors located in the cell within the heart to increase the heart rate. Caffeine also increases blood sugar, urine production and body temperature. Since there will be an increase in body temperature, I will measure the body temperature to see if the caffeine has affected the
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