Caffeine Retention Paper

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All the data illustrates a similar trend: caffeine treatments are favored in percent correct and reaction time. According to one study (Chayka, 2014), this positive trend could be due to the fact that caffeine can bind to adenosine receptors and increases blood pressure, alertness, and ability to concentrate thus increases human’s short-term memory retention. In comparison to caffeine treatment, taurine exhibited a slight lower percentage value but greater when compared to taurine+caffeine treatment (figure 1). Taurine is a nonessential sulfur-containing amino acid; the addition of taurine to energy drinks is to increase the availability of amino acids. As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids play major role in metabolic processes. With an increased availability of amino acids (taurine) it will…show more content…
The average image remembered for the combination of taurine and caffeine was less than both the average image remembered in caffeine and taurine. This clearly object previous hypothesis that there is an additive effect when caffeine and taurine are combined. One study by Peacock A, Martin FH, and Carr A (2013) have shown that taurine in combination of caffeine decreases selective reaction time and increases the feeling of fatigue which can affect human’s concentration and alertness. With the available evidences, taurine appears to counteract the beneficial alerting effects of caffeine, which explains the low percent correctness when subjects were given this treatment. In figure 3, the percent change of baseline vs. caffeine was slightly higher than the baseline vs. taurine. The fact that the changes were not tremendous could be due to the fact that there is an optimum amount of caffeine and taurine, which enhance alertness and concentration thus affecting human’s short-term
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